Comparative Permissivity of Primary Hepatocytes and Hepatoma Cell Lines for Hepatitis C Virus Infection


Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a major global health concern, predominantly affecting hepatocytes in the liver. Understanding the permissivity of different cell types to HCV infection is crucial for unraveling the mechanisms of viral pathogenesis and developing effective antiviral strategies.


To compare the permissivity of primary human hepatocytes and hepatoma cell lines for supporting HCV infection in vitro.  


Primary hepatocytes and hepatoma cell lines are cultured and infected with HCV. Viral replication, gene expression, and protein production are assessed. Host cell responses to infection are also examined.


 Primary hepatocytes exhibit higher permissivity to HCV infection compared to hepatoma cell lines. This is evidenced by higher levels of viral replication, gene expression, and protein production in primary hepatocytes.  


The enhanced permissivity of primary hepatocytes to HCV infection may be attributed to their intact physiological characteristics and expression of key receptors and factors necessary for viral entry and replication.


Primary human hepatocytes are more permissive to HCV infection compared to hepatoma cell lines. These findings emphasize the importance of using physiologically relevant cell models in HCV research and may guide the development of novel therapeutic approaches targeting HCV infection.  

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